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Coca-Cola s process is the magic of turning syrup into a finished beverage is the role of independent bottlers and canners. They bring together the essential ingredients syrup, water and carbon dioxide and transform them into the essence of refreshment.

Whatever, Coca-Cola came to be presented in many ways to please all its consumers and never leave them dry. An intrinsic part of Coca-Cola’s history is the story of its packaging, from the development of the original bottle to the metal cans, which were first developed for the armed forces overseas. Of course, today the technologies for producing these drinks are very advanced. But the basic objective is still the same to capture the bubbles in order to let them burst into lift the moment the container is opened. To the early pioneers of Coca-Cola, Pemberton, Robinson and Candler, should be added the name of the first Coca-Cola bottler, Joseph A. Biedenharm.


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