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Sergey has a problem:

“My wife can’t stop smoking…”

Dear Sergey,

In reply to your letter I decided to write some helpful lines. It will be only your matter, if you will reject my point of view, my resolve of a problem.

I think every person had or has a problem (-s), which’s better way to get rid off will be listening to the thoughts of others, sometimes, who even coped with these difficulties. In your situation it is better to get know the reasons, prompted and caused your wife to start smoking. It may be anything you haven’t ever expected. In the most cases, when people began doing this, they are having lots of, again, problems, at work for example, in which they are possibly wallowed. It is naturally nowadays. Perhaps, she must be always upset because of her complexes, if she is having such. However, it is possible to be the other way round – she notices any dislikes and oddities at your side, in you. Try to find out all that you have missed in your relationships. Learn each other more in details. Don’t worry about crushing your private life of your frequent talks with her. At all times think about good things, good endings, in spite of hard and incredible beginnings.

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So, don’t be sad – better be in high spirits. Believe in yourself. And you will made all that you want, you will convince her of anything, concretely of a harmfulness of smoking. Not only you are having such problem. Good luck!

Take care,



Kudruküla 18-7

Narva-Jõesuu 29052

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23 April 2002

Dear Susie,

I have heard that you are the best psychologist in our region. That is why I decided to appeal to your help in solving my dreadful, if it can be called so, problem.

This consists in my wife’s new habits, her strange behaviour last time. She works full-day boring job in the travel agency, placed in New York. As for me, it is the same. I come home very tired, being worn out. Not long ago I began to notice some smell coming from her clothes, and herself. After couple of days I understood that it was smoke from cigarettes. It was like a stab in the back to me, because she was the only woman in our family tree, who started smoking. No one even doesn’t want or think of get going to smoke, at a very simple reason of harm to the health. One evening we sat and talked to each other about this. I told wife my opinion on the subject of smoking and she seemed to be in a very bad state, often refusing topic of our discussion.

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I do not want to run her over, and would like to get your advice, what could be made in this situation. From one side this is a very simple and silly difficulty, however I might easily ruin our personal life with my spouse, if I will be pressing on her hidden feelings more. I ask for you help. Write to me, please, as soon as possible. I will be waiting impatiently for the reply.

Best regards,

Sergey Golubev.


Letter of Enquiry

20 October, 2003

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Dear Mr. Ivor Dixon

With reference to an advertisement published in the magazine, I write to you to get more information concerning Acorn Activities camp.

I have two children aged 12 and 14, they are fond of swimming and photography. I want to know if there are qualified instructors to teach my sons to swim. Is there the necessity of own equipment, when my boys will take the photographs.

I saw your address in the magazine, however it will be grateful if you tell me where exactly camp is situated: forest, countryside? Also, are there any age restrictions? Do your holiday activities available in August and how many of free places there will be left then? And the last: do I have to pay you some money in advance?

Thanks you for the help. I look forward to your reply.

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With respect,

Sergey Golubev.


A Letter

2 November, 2003

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