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It was very glad to receive a letter from you last week. You have written that you are now interested in music from different countries, as you will have a work next month on music classes by this topic. So, let me help you, with the description of our native Estonian music.

Looking back to the history, you know, never before have Estonian music and Estonian musicians enjoyed as much international popularity as they do today. During fifty years of Soviet occupation Estonian arts (and music) existed largely in separation. The first appearance of Estonian music on the international scene after WWII did not occur until 1960, when Eino Tamberg’s ballet “The Ballet-Symphony” premiered at the State Theatre of Schwerin.

The progress of Estonian music becomes evident when we look at the fairly successful performance of Estonian composers at the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris. Thus, John, you may see how Estonian music has established steady development since the second half of the decade.

The following names are internationally known and respected in the world of classics - Rudolf Tobias, Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Lepo Sumera, Erki-Sven Tüür… We have different schools of music with their particular ways of development. But in addition to that, we have the local pop culture. However, it suffers from the favourite complaint of cultural life in Estonia — there are too few of us. Of course, that’s a pity for us!

Talking about our modern pop and rock bands, I would say that their popularity is growing. For instance, our best singers several times won European Song Contest (Eurovision) – this is a whole country possession, we are proud of these people, it’s a great pleasure to be a winner!

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From my point of view, you will definitely like our music, because, at first it seems to be easy-listening for everyone and quite dynamic.

That is all at the moment. How are you doing? How is your little brother? Remember me to your lovely relatives. Hope to get a reply from you soon.

Best wishes,



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February 8, 2004

Dr. Mr. Ericsson

Thank you for the letter. It is really a pleasure that you are willing to help me. As you already know I am a local historian writing the research work on the life in my town in the past. I am writing to you in order to ask about getting an interview from you. I want to collect as much information as it is possible.

I would be grateful if we could set up an appointment. It is the best way to do it if the meeting will be held at your apartments. This is for the reason that I want to ask you to show me some old photo albums or newspapers if these great evidences of the past time are still present. Also, do you keep in touch with your old school friends? Because, as a matter of fact, I want many people to get questioned to fulfill my work with lots of data. Do you mind taking a picture of you for the history? It will be definitely good if you allow me to look at your family tree.

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I would like to thank you again for your assist. Will you be free on next Monday at 3 p.m. Either suggest another date and time for the meeting. I look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Tiit Tamm

Informal Letter

November 19, 2003

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Hello Peter,

It was very glad to receive a letter from you. Thanks very much. I’m writing a reply, having some favor to ask of you. I believe Pete won’t refuse his buddy.

I have got such a situation. My old friend, who lives in Oxford, as well as you do, has invited me to his wedding. However there’s some problem persists – I have no place to stay in during this wonderful event, because my John’s house is going to be fully occupied; all his numerous relatives are coming “to the party”.

I have had an idea to ask you to put me up a couple of days in your apartment, of course if you can. Will it be possible? I’m coming there next Monday, so by the evening I will reach my destination then. I will not stay for too long, disturbing you. I know that you have much work to do as it is. Thus, don’t worry. Be happy! :)

That’s all I think. Remember me to every one of your great family. I’ll phone you to discuss all the things in the details a.s.a.p. Thank you again in advance.

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Best wishes,

Woody Pecker.


Informal Letter

3 October, 2003

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